Ours sevices

Our services now cover a wide range of needs such as consulting, development of business applications, creating mobile interfaces and design 100% custom, developing iPhone / iPad apps, Android, Windows 8 and training development iOS, Android or to Unity3d (allowing the development on all mobile platforms and consoles in one “code”). App Advisory and its experts will accompany you throughout your projects and ensure their life cycle longer.

Sale and development of games and mobile multi-platerformes and multi-screen or custom turnkey applications.


  • Needs Assessment.
  • Strategy consulting, communication and technical architecture.
  • Designing applications for iPhone, iPad, Android and other Smartphones.
  • Technical service and monitoring.
  • Commitment to quality.


Training iOS (iPhone / iPad), Android, Windows Mobile and Unity3D.


App Advisory offers many comprehensive training to learn the business of IT and development:

  • Xcode (Objective-C) for iPhone / iPad.
  • Eclipse (Java) for Android.
  • Unity3D for 3D games developer platform (iOS, Android, Windows, PS3 / 4, Xbox, Web, Chrome …).

Consulting and Support


The experience of our consultants on major projects helps to bring our skills and experience to your projects. We will bring our expertise, we will validate your choice and qu’effectuerons technical audit of your architecture. We implement the most appropriate solutions to your project monetization (integrated purchasing, pay versus free apps, advertising, etc.).